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utility vehicle

With the ALSTOR 8x8 as a utility vehicle, your imagination is the only limit. Thanks to its maneuverability and superb off-road mobility, the Alstor 8x8 is an unbeatable work vehicle in tough terrain.

Here you can see some examples of what an Alstor 8x8 can be used for.

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Technical data

Base machine
Engine: 16 HP 2-cylinder Vanguard petrol engine
Consumption: Approx. 1.5–2 L/h
15.7 HP 2-cylinder Kubota diesel engine

Consumption: Approx. 1.0–1.2 L/h
Transmission: Variator + 4-speed gearbox
Drive: Fully mechanical 8-wheel drive
Brakes: 8-wheel brakes
Steering: Hydraulic articulated steering Speed: 0-25 km/h

Wheel equipment
Size: 25x12.5-10

Width: 1.48m Length: 4.56–5.36m
Curb weight chassis: from 800 kg Payload: approx. 1,500–2,000 kg